The Tallest Tree With The Farthest View

The last few days have brought a torrent of information as well as offering insight into how the next couple of months will pan out. 

Late afternoon on Wednesday, after a pleasant morning of playtime and fun, Evelyn’s temperature hit a high. As an oncology patient, this automatically merits a blood culture test in addition to a mandatory 48 hour admission. As usual, we said goodbye to our hopes of leaving the hospital on Thursday. It seems to be part and parcel with the treatment so we fully expected events to transpire as such but it doesn’t make the disappointment any easier to deal with. 

At around lunchtime, Dr G stopped by to give us a post it note filled with the dates of Evelyn’s treatments for the foreseeable future. This three inch squared piece of yellow paper was a gift that we had wanted for what feels like the longest of times. It gives us the power of foresight, the knowledge of what to expect and when. We are now able to plan our lives around the information given to us. 

As afternoon became evening, I took myself home to rest and recuperate before taking up the next nights shift. Through the night Evelyn’s temperature stayed high despite paracetamol being administered, it wasn’t until mid morning that it returned to a level within tolerance. As soon as I arrived the next morning it was easy to see that she was lethargic and feeling beaten. At times like this, it’s difficult to put the raw emotion of seeing your girl looking so down to one side and muster the strength to bring her back up. We spent the day playing and cuddling which at least made her smile. Her pathology test showed that her haemoglobin and red blood cell levels had reduced, again this was expected so we asked that an infusion be arranged at the earliest convenience. Usually we would wait until such a time that Evelyn would be awake for this as it gives her an energy unlike any other but she seemed sad so as I was the one staying with her overnight, we went ahead that night. 

The infusion finished at around 2300 that night. At last she was unhooked from all of the machines and was free to move around as she wanted. Since she was wide awake, we went for a walk around the hospital. 

Evelyn’s wonderful eyes gazed past her blanket at me from the pram as we did lap after lap of the hospital corridors. She looked at me with a mixture of pure love and bemusement. She seems to know when I’m feeling tired and takes pleasure in keeping me awake for as long as she can. My princess began to yawn and rub her eyes at around midnight, I took her back to the ward so she could catch up on some well deserved sleep. She spent the first hour sharing my bed, drifting into a deep sleep almost immediately. Once I was confident that she wouldn’t wake, I scooped her up and placed her in her cot. She pulled the blanket over her shoulder and stayed that way until morning. I lay for another hour or so, contemplating the fun we would have at home if allowed to go home the following day and eventually drifted off myself. 

Thanks for reading. 



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