Darkest Before the Dawn

Its been a difficult few months. In early September, our precious little girl was admitted to hospital for a procedure called “high dose chemotherapy with stem cell support”. In simple terms, Evelyn was to be infused with a drug which has similar effects to the gases used in the trenches then have stem cells transplanted […]

Fear of the Dark

Hello all. In the last week, the forest grew darker than it’s been in a long while.  The gravity of the situation really hit home as my head rested on my pillow. It was Sunday night and after a days work and an evening of fun, I took myself to bed.  I threw the quilt […]

The Hidden Valley

Hello everyone.  The last couple of weeks have delivered a flurry of emotion.  Evelyn had a full work up of tests and scans which has shown very positive results. Her bone marrow is free of cancer cells, the pockets of neuroblastoma attached to her hips, skull and femurs have completely gone and the primary tumour […]

The Narrow Track

Hello everyone.  Some time has passed since I last sat and put figurative pen to paper.  To bring you up to speed, Evelyn has been doing very well. The induction course of chemotherapy has finished and she is getting back into a daily routine. The most recent chemotherapy treatment ceased on the 24th of July. […]

Hiding Behind the Foliage. 

Nobody sees the real face of this disease.  People see an amazingly strong girl with parents forced into strength by circumstance. They see a girl that looks poorly at times and parents with heavy eyes. What they don’t see would break them.  People don’t see the fear in the eyes of a child that can’t […]

Rocks on the Track

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of celebrating Evelyn’s first birthday. We woke at 0800 and got everything ready for her special day. Balloons had to be inflated, banners hung and presents arranged for her to get stuck in to. We felt lucky to be at home as opposed to marking this momentous occasion in […]

The Tallest Tree With The Farthest View

The last few days have brought a torrent of information as well as offering insight into how the next couple of months will pan out.  Late afternoon on Wednesday, after a pleasant morning of playtime and fun, Evelyn’s temperature hit a high. As an oncology patient, this automatically merits a blood culture test in addition […]